RC Imaging Photography | About
My passion is photography, I’ve been photographing people for over thirty years. I got hooked on photography in my very early teens, back in the days of film cameras. Since I’ve become a professional and opened RC Imaging Photography, I can’t imagine doing anything else.

Starting your own business is no easy feat; timing is everything. Ever since the days of film cameras, I have had a strong interest in photography and would take pictures of family and friends. When the opportunity arose to finally have the time and funds available to being my own business, I jumped at the chance. My wife has been a huge influence in my business and without her RC Imagining Photography would not be where it is today.

She has stuck with me through uncertainty, rebranding as well as successes.

Together we are an excellent team and I look forward to running RC Imaging Photography with her for many years to come.

RC Imaging Photography not only does studio photography, we also do on location photography.  


We specializes in Corporate Headshots, Environmental Portraits & Family Portrait's in the Connecticut and New York areas.

The beauty of being a photographer is having the opportunity to do what I am passionate about every single day. Each client presents a unique experience and challenge, allowing me to not only interact with interesting people, their families, pets and co-workers, but also to perfect my craft and challenge me to grow. I love having the independence to work on my own schedule and be my own boss. In doing so, I am able to operate on my own beliefs and morals and give back to the community as much as possible. Being a photographer is more than just my job; it is truly a way of life.

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